Hardware Gadgets that can be used to Aid Computer Monitoring Software

A grand majority of the known tracking “tools” today are now in the form of software. Why you ask for software? That’s because unlike hardware, it does not have any physical weight. It also does not have to be limited on one device, which makes one software program enough to be used infinitely on any number of devices.



But even though hardware tracking tool may look inferior when directly compared to a spying software program’s advantages, it still does have uses in today’s modern world. Hardware tracking tools may not be completely practical, and they may not even be independently used, but at least they can augment the capabilities of modern computer monitoring software.

Plugged Keylogging Devices

The hardware keylogging device is considered as one of the most iconic tech tools in a hacker’s arsenal. On the outside, it looks like a fat, unwired version of the end of a PS/2 port plug. It is attached to the computer by plugging it first to the PS/2 port, and then plugging the keyboard to the end of the keylogger. The method of acquiring keyboard usage data is simple: It just registers the keys that you are pressing.



Key logging features are one of the most fundamental features of the computer monitoring software, and with the addition of a back hardware keylogging unit, you make sure that the key usage history can be properly secured (in any method possible).

Portable Spying Devices

Is it really an absolute requirement for computers to be installed with a dedicated computer monitoring software before it could be spied on? Apparently not, and it’s because the very existence of USB-powered portable spying devices completely says otherwise. Using a portable spying device to monitor a computer unit is easy. Simply plug it into an available USB 2.0 port, start the software, and you are ready to snoop on the unit’s contents (on the unit itself or remotely, depending on the device used).

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In a way, we could probably say that these smaller portable spying devices are more convenient to use than dedicated computer monitoring software, because you don’t need to go through the hassles of installing and configuring the software. Spying software still seems to win out when it comes to network monitoring reliability however.



Micro Recording Devices

Deviating a little bit from the original objective of collected PC usage data, USB-powered micro recording devices instead use an audio or video recorder to obtain data from the computer’s user. Because it does not directly integrate with a computer (it uses only the USB 2.0 port for power), the number of uses for this gadget might be very limited.

However, we think it would still be useful nonetheless in other aspects of spying. Don’t you want to take a good look at the face of the computer’s user while he or she works? The recorded video or audio file could be potentially used as bonus info that would further press onto the values and results given by the computer monitoring software installed in that unit.

Always keep in mind that monitoring using technology does not always mean the use of software. Sometimes, a few hardware components are directly thrown into the mix to improve the system’s overall data extraction potential.

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